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The Solution to the Conflict: Embodied Conversation with Deep Empathy

    An Arab Woman and Jewish Man Hold Space for Compassionate Reflection

    When: Sunday, December 10 at 9:30am PT / 10:30am MT / 11:30am CT / 12:30pm ET
    Duration: 90 minutes
    Where: On Zoom (capacity 100 people)

    After two months of catastrophic conflict between Israel and Palestine, we are called to offer a space for compassionate witnessing and healing like no other.

    Centuries of conflict and harm won’t get washed away with talking heads, soundbites and YouTube videos. True healing requires vulnerable and seasoned spaceholding to reveal and begin to heal the depth of generational agony and rage.

    Whatever “side” you are on, whatever you have been taught to think or feel, whatever you think you know about right and wrong—we invite you to witness Kawtar El Alaoui, an Arab woman, and David Sauvage, a Jewish man, who have each healed their trauma to the point of being able to bear witness and hold space for one other’s multi-layered experiences with the current conflict and everything that surrounds it.

    What will you experience?

    First, you will hear how we will share this space together to create a container that leads to healing instead of perpetuating the cycle of violence.

    Then, after 15 minutes, we will lock the Zoom room so that you may bear witness to a tightly held container where David and Kawtar model how to hold space for each other’s truth, going deeper one layer at a time.

    Lastly, you will be invited to reflect and share what the exchange between Kawtar and David stirred up inside you, without judgment, external commentary or arguments about the war.

    This witnessing is meant to mirror what you may be struggling to feel or name, and give you insights for how you may be ready to show up differently. 


    We will all abide by the following agreements to facilitate a safe and brave space for sharing, witnessing and healing:

    • This is a space to listen, reflect and share to make healing possible. 
    • Use “I” statements: Talk about personal experiences.
    • Question ideas—not people.
    • Mics will be turned off during the live conversation between Kawtar and David.   
    • By participating, you agree that you have sufficient emotional capacity to challenge your perceptions and self-regulate as needed. 
    • People will be asked to leave if statements are threatening, argumentative or generally in bad-faith. 
    • The host team will record the session, but we will be very selective about what we share outside of this container. You won’t record the session yourself or quote either Kawtar or David in social media in any way, shape or form without their explicit permission.
    • By registering, you are acknowledging your adherence to these agreements and grant your permission to be contacted by the organizers.

    Who Is This For?

    We encourage and want people from all backgrounds to attend. You are welcome if you believe in finding a path to true healing related to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

    Who Is Hosting This And Why?

    Heal Together Coalition is a collective of Spaceholders who believe in the power of modeling the world we want to live in—one in which we move through the surface layers of conflict in order to heal our roots and come together. We hosted a similar gathering after the 2020 U.S. election for people to express however they were feeling no matter which way they voted.

    Kawtar El Alaoui is a non-traditional peace-builder who wears multiple hats. In all her roles, Kawtar facilitates cultural transformation with the purpose of co-creating a world where everyone lives in dignity and peace. She is the author of the book Unfolding Peace, 9 Leadership Principles for Creating Cultures of Well-being and Peace. You can find out more about Kawtar’s work and her organization, Conscious Togetherness.

    David Sauvage is a teacher of emotional intelligence, a facilitator of healing experiences, a performance artist and a writer. He loves modeling empathy, deep listening and healthy communication with the hope that it finds its way into mainstream culture. He founded a non-profit, Culture of Healing. You can learn more about him on his website

    Facilitated by: Andy Swindler, Co-founder of FeelReal and Heal Together Coalition, and
    Claudia Alarcon, Authentic Relating Facilitator.

    Produced by: Rachel Zargo, Co-founder of FeelReal and Heal Together Coalition.