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Heal Together Coalition sparked a six-month journey when Andy Swindler introduced Kawtar El Alaoui to David Sauvage after October 7, and Rachel Zargo joined the team as co-producer. We came together as long-time emotional intelligence collaborators and peacemakers to host a series of emotionally raw online dialogues called How We Make Peace: A Muslim and a Jew Demonstrate Radical Empathy—on December 10, January 7 and April 7. This journey culminated in an in-person event at NeueHouse in New York City on April 9. This leg of our journey feels complete and what happens next is emergent. Below you can see a video from the January 7 gathering, a press interview, and the broader Heal Together Coalition vision.

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VIDEO (January 7)



We each have a choice to make. Will we take on the healing needed to sustain peace or remain mired in the endless cycles of trauma that lead to separation and destruction?

Heal Together Coalition is a collective of Spaceholders who are called to offer spaces for people to heal, particularly related to contentious and entrenched conflicts. Our current focus is to invite you into a heart-centered space about the Israel-Palestine war and surrounding issues.

The intention is to drop into our vulnerability with each other and share how we truly feel without attacking one another. We honor everyone’s right to share their own feelings and opinions, so long as they do not diminish anyone else’s agency, autonomy or life experience.

The intention here is not to debate each other or discover who is “right”. Nor is it to offer talking head content to be ravenously consumed, liked and shared.

Our goal is to reveal each other’s humanity so that we may take small steps toward coming together to realize our one shared humanity. Eventually these small steps will add up to healing and forgiveness.

Coalition Members